CoOperators Update for March 2019. We have had a very busy, but fruitful March. Here are some updates.

  1. Okada
    We signed the MOA to accept the 130,000 balloons from the cancelled New Year’s Eve balloon drop. The delivery will be after Easter. The balloons will go to Bulacan, where they will be ‘studied’ for upcycling into ecolego bricks/pavers.
  2. Nestle’
    CoOp rounded up two talks with Nestle on ‘Think Before You Throw.” Meetings regarding biodegradable packaging will follow
  3. Interns
    I accepted five interns (forced and voluntary) this month. The parents and I will have a dinner next Tuesday. Suggested activities: WACS training, Think Before You Throw training, visit upcycling facility
    check the upcycled products, learn bokashi composting,
    prepare to pitch – social media or digital media pitches/stories
Plastics to be upcycled.
We are now collecting over 20 kgs of plastics in AAV every month.
Plastics to be upcycled.
We collected more than 600 kgs of plastics in BASECO so far.

4.Welcome our latest volunteer John Virata who has been helping out with the website and Facebook page.

5. I NEED A VA. I missed an important DENR event because I overlapped with a ladies meeting and forgot about it. We need a logistics provider. Picking up the plastics and paying for logistics is not sustainable. We need graphics with a sense of humor…bordering smartass.

6. We have a green hub at VERAWOOD Suites that started two weeks ago. They’ve reported most of the plastics they get are PP, HDPE and PET. Type 5, 2 and 1.

7. We collected more than 600 kgs of plastics in BASECO so far.

8. We are now collecting over 20 kgs of plastics in AAV every month.

9. MAD MONKEY HOSTELS – chose CoOp to be their CSR. They are ordering a total of Php500,000 worth of school chairs made WITH rescued plastics. They’ll start with Php250,000 with the initial order and build toward Php500,000 worth by December.

10. Keep your fingers crossed for Coca Cola 😊, Southvale, Tuloy Foundation, Westgrove, Oracle Netsuite and the other DMCI communities.


  • World Wildlife ‘WEEKEND’ was very successful we got about 700 postcards signed that day
  • Manila Coffee Festival has a lot of inquiries which led to an agreement between Holly’s and Carmen’s Best.
  • Yogi Fair – it was ok, could have done better.
  • NESTLE’ – soft infiltration with a THOUGHTFUL PLANET MINI by their cafeteria. As always THOUGHTFUL PLANET will have environmental-friendly vendors. (no plastic packaging, upcycled products and locally made)

12. Bokashi Composting workshop with our partners GREENSPACE. Rina Papio, Filipina Bokashi Master is teaching in AAV, April 25 at 2pm.
13. Realizing it’s hard to fundraise with products without generating waste. I was thinking of a t-shirt like ‘I would KRILL for this’ and the CoOp whale on it. But again, a whale inspired shirt isn’t all that necessary in everyones wardrobe unless you’re a CoOp volunteer and we can identify each other from afar.
14. BTW, have you guys checked out It’s like…awesome.