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who we are


The people behind CoOp have a strong love for the environment and community. We create awareness about waste management and how land activity affects our biggest source of food, livelihood, beauty and air. We are consultants for waste management. We study a location, check which approach and infrastructure is best for the community, guide and build/install infrastructure or areas of segregation, aggregation, and manufacturer preparation.

What we do

Our Involvement


We educate  people to prepare their waste for manufacturer’s raw material.  They will turn them into furniture, bricks,  and pavers, preventing garbage from ending up in the ocean and landfill.


We study their location, check which approach and infrastructure would be best for the community. We guide and build the infrastructure: Green Centers are areas of segregation, aggregation, and preparation.


We REUSE/UPCycle and sell: the disposed items.  These can be reused for province centric items. Products they can sell online: fashion accessories, pouches, dolls, bags etc. The sachets and plastics can be cold processed into bricks and pavers for sale or use by the LGU. Other plastics will be sold to my partner manufacturers that have plants all over the country.

Current Projects


CoOp held training classes at Ayala – Entrego, Ayala Group of Companies, Alabang Ladies International Group, Acacia Waldorf, Ayala Alabang Village Association, and Barangay Ayala Alabang. The Ayala Group of Companies and CoOp are working together to design a waste management system. Acacia Waldorf parents are preparing their own MRF and consistently consulting with CoOp.



CoOp was included as a testimony and information resource the Plastic Summit held at Bayawan, Dumaguete. Other speakers were Break Freem From Plastic, USAID, Danjugan Island and Philippine Reef and Rainforest Foundation. Attendees were LGUs from all over Negros and Mindanao.


Branching out

CoOp is currently in talks with remote provinces who have approached us asking for assistance in waste management.

Guest speaker

CoOp recently took part in as organizer and guest speaker at Drink Like A Fish, an event that had the participation of 86 artists, with over 400 guests. Proceeds went to the Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines.


Coop and URC

We are looking forward to working with URC through the CoOp Bin Exchange System. If you would like a reference, please check out terracycle.com who does a similar project in the United States. You will find that CoOp is more economical, clean but just as efficient.


Success Story

Coop in ayala alabang village

Clean Our Oceans Project launched the first system in Ayala Alabang Village, June 2018. We used segregation bins for it’s first event held at the Saturday

Prior to the event, a social media campaign was executed showing the importance of waste management. On the day of the event, 7 bins were deployed at the Saturday Market. The bins had corresponding recycling symbols and guides on them. Additional volunteers came when association employees helped out.

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